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Polyurethane Sprayed Foam Insulation for Boats, Narrowboats, Widebeams & Barges

Websters Insulation Ltd has over 35 years of experience in the application of polyurethane spray foam insulation to boats and barges across the UK.

Spray foam is now the number one choice for boat insulation, especially among canal boat owners and enthusiasts. There are many reasons for this, which mainly lie in the extensive benefits offered by the lightweight and unique nature of the foam substance.

The Webtherm spray foam system goes onto surfaces in a liquid form, and then, within seconds, expands to the required thickness, setting rapidly into a rigid foam form. This means that a continuous membrane can be achieved, therefore filling in all gaps, eliminating draughts and further possibilities of conducting cold air. So besides having the most thermal efficient properties in itself, it contains these added energy saving advantages.

Insulation effectiveness is judged and measured in terms of ‘u’ values. Spray foam boat insulation has extremely good ‘u ‘ values or thermal efficiency. For example, when comparing PU foam to ‘Rockwool’, almost three times the thickness of ‘Rockwool’ would be needed, compared to foam, to achieve an equivalent ‘u’ value. Foam, then, is the obvious choice in confined areas such as boats as it is also space saving.

We also install MCA and SOLAS approved marine injection foam, a low density slow rising foam called Ecofil40, designed to infill cavities on vessels such as passenger and sea fairing boats where the most stringent planning rules apply. Call us on 01405 812682 for more details and advice.

Our boat insulation photos:

Other benefits associated with spray foam boat insulation are as follows:

The combined effect of all these factors and benefits is making it an increasingly popular choice generally, especially in relation to the current concerns over climate change, energy saving strategies, frequent fuel crises and price rises.

The application of PU foam is definitely not recommended to the amateur. It is only really successfully applied and gauged by skilled engineers.

By Choosing Websters Insulation Ltd, to insulate your boat, you will gain the added advantages associated with a long established firm, who pride themselves in being Yorkshire based organization, offering quality of service and workmanship, at very competitive prices.

Websters Insulation have been offering boat insulation for over 30 years and the company itself is UK market leader which has been going for over twenty years, specialising in the application of spray foam insulation for all kinds of structures and buildings, i.e., industrial, commercial, domestic, agricultural as well as marine. Spray foam insulation is a suitable insulating material for more or less any requirement. The Webtherm system is the only method approved by Websters, because the continuous membrane adheres to almost all surfaces, and contains the most efficient insulating properties.

How thick should the insulation be?

Most narrow boats and wide beams we insulate tend to stick around the 25/30mm mark as the internal space is extremely valuable, particularly on a narrow boat! A 30mm thickness fits neatly between an average of 30mm battens and will insulate a reasonable degree whilst also preventing condensation forming.

A Dutch Barge or similar vessel will see us more often than not, quoting to install anywhere from 50mm, up to 100mm where the steel ribs or timber battens allow. A live aboard Dutch Barge will benefit from between 85mm – 100mm of foam insulation where possible.

Is the foam fire rated?

In a word yes. The foam carries a surface spread of flame rating of Class One, suitable for almost all types of commercial and domestic marine vessels. Fire certificates are available on request.

* Websters Insulation Ltd are approved by British Waterways.

All materials adhere to a minimum of ‘BS476 part 7 class one’ fire regulations.

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