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Spray Foam – the perfect cavity wall insulation solution for hard to treat homes… save up to 90% of your heating energy

Cavity wall insulation and wall stabilisation injection foam is now the number one choice for cavity wall insulation, more so due to rising energy costs and a general global energy saving initiative. There are many reasons for this, which mainly lie in the extensive benefits offered by the lightweight and unique nature of the cavity wall insulation foam substance, and its ability to bond to almost any material.

The cost to insulate a typical three bedroom house cavity wall using spray foam is usually around 8 times more expensive than similar types, such as glass fibre for example. At Websters Insulation, we are a nationwide company and we offer a free no obligation quotation.

Random stone walls usually present a problem when considering cavity wall insulation. Established products such as Rockwool and polystyrene beads prove difficult to use due to the uneven inner surface of the stone outer leaf. This can result in ‘dead spots’, uninsulated areas which could vary in size. This obstacle is instantly overcome by using cavity wall foam insulation, besides acting as a wall tie, being 99% waterproof and extremely rigid, it is also the best insulator per thickness on the market today.

Multistorey apartments / blocks of flats can benefit from a complete infill of Technitherm to stabilise the whole wall structure, replacing corroded steel wall ties and insulating the walls in one application. Technitherm also eliminates damp and condensation issues from occurring both inside the cavity and protects the inner leaf.

The cavity wall insulation foam is injected though very small holes in a liquid form, and then, within seconds, expands to the required thickness, setting rapidly into a rigid foam form. This creates a continuous membrane, filling in all gaps, also eliminating draughts and further possibilities of conducting cold air.

The effectiveness of cavity wall insulation is judged and measured in terms of ‘u’ values. Polyurethane cavity injection foam insulation has extremely good ‘u ‘ values or thermal efficiency.

For example, when comparing PU foam to ‘Rockwool’, three times the thickness of ‘Rockwool’ would be needed, compared to foam, to achieve an equivalent ‘u’ value. If a cavity of say, only 2 inches is present, but a u value that only cavity insulation injection foam can achieve is required, the foam is the obvious choice.

Other benefits associated with cavity insulation injection foam are as follows:

The combined effect of all these factors and benefits is making cavity insulation an increasingly popular choice generally, especially in relation to the current concerns over climate change, energy saving strategies, frequent fuel crises and price rises. It was recognised that thermal insulation can play a key role in the cost effective reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe and saved around 350 MILLION TONNES per annum by 2010.

The application of cavity wall insulation PU foam isn’t recommended to the amateur. It is only really successfully applied and gauged by skilled engineers.

By choosing Websters Insulation Ltd, you will gain the added advantages associated with a long established firm, who pride themselves in being a Yorkshire based organization, offering quality of service and workmanship, at very competitive prices.

Websters Insulation has been going for over twenty five years and have been offering cavity insulation for over ten years, specialising in the application of cavity wall insulation for all kinds of structures and buildings, i.e., industrial, commercial, domestic, agricultural as well as marine.

PU foam cavity wall insulation is a suitable insulating material for more or less any requirement. The PU cavity wall insulation system is the only method approved by Websters Insulation Ltd, because the continuous membrane adheres to almost all surfaces, and contains the most efficient insulating properties.

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