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Any hot or cold water storage tank can suffer from temperature extremes in the summer or winter, particularly if the tank is outside and exposed to the elements. Spray foam insulation is approximately 120% more effective than ordinary glass wool type lagging and bonds directly to the tank, for the life of the tank.

For an outdoor tank, we recommend a sprayed insulation thickness of around 75 – 100mm depending on whether the water is to be heated or not. The greater the thickness of insulation applied, the less heat can escape through from a heated tank, though the pipes would still need to be lagged. A cold water tank insulated with 75mm of spray foam insulation will stay above 2 – 3oC and avoid freezing in winter.

For outdoor applications, we also coat the insulation with a weatherproof vapourised rubber coating, available in many standard colours.

Indoor hot/cold water tanks do not necessarily require as much insulation as outdoor tanks, though the thickness of insulation can be tailored depending on the constant water temperature required. The insulation does not need to be weatherproofed if indoors, though it can still be painted if preferred.

Case Study Type: Water Tanks
Product Used: Webtherm

Webtherm being used on water tank
Webtherm used on water tank
water tank with vapourised rubber coating
Webtherm used on water tank

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