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At Websters Insulation Ltd, we have over 35 years of experience in the application of polyurethane spray foam insulation to agricultural buildings across London, and the UK as a whole.

Spray Foam Insulation provides the perfect insulation for any type of agricultural outbuilding, including for cattle and grain. Furthermore, it can be used in both refrigerated and ambient environments. The foam works immediately following application and provides a great way of maintaining a constant temperature. The insulation also offers weatherproofing properties and prevents the formation of condensation.

Our spray foam protects from the weather with a “two in one” application. It prevents water ingress as well as providing insulation. This can be particularly useful when applied externally to a leaky roof, extending the lifespan of the building.

Furthermore, valuable crops can be lost to frost and extreme winters when stored in an uninsulated shed. However, just 50mm of spray foam insulation can stabilise the temperature all year round, helping to protect stored food items.

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Fire resistance

Our system is designed to provide up to class zero fire rating where required (Pirthane), though the Webtherm spray-applied Polyurethane foams have a standard CLASS 1* surface spread of flame rating when tested according to B.S.476 part 7. The class 1 rating is achieved on the naked foam with the spray applied finish intact and without further treatment or coating. The Class 0 fire rating is achieved by using a fire-resistant sprayed foam insulation and two coats of FPC in either white or grey.

The Benefits

Typical Specification

U-Values – The u-values in the table below are based on a foam application to the underside of 8mm thick big 6 profile asbestos sheeting to a typical potato store. At Websters, we recommend a minimum of 50mm Webtherm sprayed foam insulation for ambient stores, and a minimum of 75mm for refrigerated stores.


U-Value Achieved (W/m²K)

Thermal Resistance













The above u-values are based on applying the sprayed foam insulation to 8mm thick corrugated asbestos.

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